Uganda and UNDP discuss stronger interventions to Address Climate Change and Promote Development.

Thu, 06/13/2024

Uganda and UNDP discuss stronger interventions to Address Climate Change and Promote Development

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uganda hosted a high-level meeting between Hon. John Mulimba, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (Regional Affairs), and Ms. Nwanne Vwede-Obahor, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative. The meeting aimed to strengthen diplomatic ties and discuss collaborative efforts to address pressing issues such as climate change and promote sustainable development in Uganda.

Hon. John Mulimba extended a gracious welcome to Ms. Nwanne Vwede-Obahor, expressing Uganda's appreciation for UNDP's commitment to the country's development. Ms. Nwanne Vwede-Obahor, in turn, conveyed her gratitude for the hospitality and reaffirmed UNDP's dedication to supporting Uganda's progress.

Central to the discussions were initiatives to combat climate change and enhance agricultural sustainability. Both parties acknowledged Uganda's crucial role as a food basket in the region and explored avenues for bolstering agriculture, particularly through projects supporting women groups and the cassava value chain production. UNDP's commitment to providing equipment and funding for these initiatives was met with strong support from the Ugandan government.

Furthermore, the meeting highlighted UNDP's broad spectrum of support across various sectors, including natural resources, trade, tourism, and minerals. Hon. John Mulimba emphasized the importance of collaboration between UNDP and the Ugandan government in achieving shared development goals. Ms. Nwanne Vwede-Obahor echoed this sentiment, underscoring UNDP's longstanding partnership with Uganda and its commitment to furthering mutual objectives.

Both parties explored new areas of cooperation, particularly in promoting regional integration within the East African Community (EAC). Hon. John Mulimba emphasized Uganda's efforts to engage border communities and manage cross-border natural resources, highlighting the potential for joint initiatives with UNDP's support. END