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Uganda's Position on the Humanitarian situation caused by the influx of Congolese refugees

Thursday, 21st November 2013

The government of Uganda is alarmed by the extra-ordinary influx of \r\nrefugees fleeing to Uganda following the attack launched by the Allied \r\nDemocratic Front (ADF) on the border town of Kamango in the Democratic \r\nRepublic of Congo on the morning of 12th July 2013.\r\n\r\n\r\n
\r\nThe forced displacement of a large population has increased the \r\nvulnerability of border communities and disrupted basic services in \r\nUganda. So far over 67,000 refugees have fled into Bundibugyo. A new \r\nemergency situation is unfolding in western the district of Kisoro where\r\n to date over 1,800 refugees have sought sanctuary and more are expected\r\n to arrive due to renewed fighting between the Congolese Armed Forces \r\n(FARDC) and M23 in north Kivu, close to the provincial town of Goma.
\r\nThe government of Uganda expresses deep concern over the attack by the \r\nADF on the civilians and MONUSCO, an issue that is further escalating \r\nthe insecurity and humanitarian situation in eastern DRC. This situation\r\n further deepens the conflict in DRC and poses a serious threat to \r\npeace, security and stability. It also hampers development in the entire\r\n Great Lakes Region. As the current Chair of the International \r\nConference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) and facilitator of the \r\nPolitical Dialogue between the government of DRC and M23, Uganda \r\nreaffirms the regioní»s commitment to find lasting solutions to the root \r\ncauses of insecurity in DRC, in order to secure durable peace in the \r\nregion.
\r\nUganda calls upon the international community to condemn in the \r\nstrongest terms the actions of the ADF and other negative forces in \r\neastern DRC for causing a serious humanitarian situation resulting in \r\nthe loss of lives, property and forced displacement of thousands of \r\nrefugees from DRC and for the deplorable attack on MONUSCO. As a matter \r\nof urgency, Uganda calls upon the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)\r\n and the international community to double their efforts towards \r\nsupporting the implementation of the regioní»s peace initiatives in order\r\n to address the deteriorating humanitarian and security situation in the\r\n region.
\r\nAs we look forward to the outcome of the Security Council meeting today \r\n26th July in New York it is our  hope that Council will give its support\r\n for the full implementation of the commitments under the Peace, \r\nSecurity and Cooperation Framework (PSC).
\r\nUganda will continue to support the full implementation of the Political\r\n and Security Framework Agreement signed in Addis Ababa which aims at \r\naddressing the challenges regarding peace, stability and development in \r\nthe region.
\r\nWe also look forward to the ICGLR summit, scheduled to take place on \r\n31st July in Nairobi, to further review development in the region, \r\nincluding the progress on the implementation of the PSC Frameworkby all \r\nsignatories.

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