Department/Unit: Resource Centre ( RC)

Head of Department:
Contacts: Tel: +256-414-349310
Direct: +256-414- 340139
Fax: +256-414-232874

For MOFA to carry out its mandate of implementing Foreign Policy Goals and objectives, there is need for MOFA Headquarters and Missions abroad to communicate properly, in order to create the required shared understanding between multiple actors in a desired way, is where the role of resource centre is anchored. Effectively and efficiently
Organization of Resource Centre:

The Unit Initiates some policy recommendations and tenders advice on issues related to four areas of responsibility:

(a) Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
(b) Public Diplomacy:
(c) Coordinating Training /Scholarship for Ugandans abroad
(d) Arranging, following and up coordinating of implementation of decisions taken at annual ambassadors conference;

(a) Information and Communications Technology (ICT): Under this function RC is responsible but not limited to:

  • Developing a strategy to ensure MOFA fully implements an Integrated and Communication solution for headquarters and missions abroad.
  • provide guidance on the Process of Reporting envisaged in the Communication strategy
  • Coordinating and facilitating internal communication
  • Undertaking publicity activities for the Ministry
  • Up-dating information on the Ministry's website
  • Developing, updating and ensuring the E-mail system for all staff at headquarters and Missions is operational and effective.
  • Documentation
  • Improved information flow between Headquarters and Missions.
  • Developing and monitoring "SMART Reporting Tools and Procedures such as training Tracker; MOFA Daily Situational Reports; daily analysis & summary of relevant local news paper stories

(b) Public Diplomacy: Broadly this involves communication with foreign publics to establish a dialogue designed to inform, influence, broaden dialogue and create shared understanding between Uganda and her development partners and neighbors and friends and also to communicate policy message to our own domestic audience particularly on the response by our foreign publics that are of paramount interest to Uganda. Under here RC is responsible among other things to:

  • Give guidance to our diplomats on how to deal and influence the Social media for the benefit of Ugandans.
  • Providing Media monitoring and analysis
  • Responding to media queries-providing foreign media facilitation
  • Coordinating Public Relations and image building Training programmes for MOFA staff.
  • Uganda's Image Projected and Protected
  • Provides guidance in explaining Uganda's values and positions to the foreign publics.
  • Regular media liaison maintained and press briefings & conferences properly arranged Ministers' meetings effectively covered, press releases issued; TV Stories filed; and press conferences organized

(c) Coordinating Training /Scholarship for Ugandans abroad
Scholarships, fellowships and other training opportunities sourced and availed to qualified Ugandans

( d) Arranging ,following and up coordinating of Decisions taken at Annual Ambassadors Conference;
RC ensures that , Ambassadors' Conferences are well arranged, rich programs drawn, timely and quality reports produced and dispatched and implementation closely monitored. It also ensures all assigned tasks and responsibilities are effectively executed. - ensuring that Ministers' meetings are effectively covered, press releases issued; TV Stories filed; and press conferences organized, ensuring that Ministers' meetings are effectively covered, press releases issued; TV Stories filed; and press conferences organized

Resource Center Staff Members

Members Name



Dr. Sam Omara

Head of Department

Margaret A 
Ms. Carol LwabiFirst 

Mr. Charles Nabimara

Ag.Assistant Commissioner / ICT

Ms. Jane

Senior Personal Secretary

Mr. Dusabe Patrick

Systems Analyst

Ms. Sharon Amiya

Assistant Media Liaison Officer

Mr. Arthurnasius Amanyire

IT Support

Mr. Fahad Mugga

Camera Man  

Mr. Denis MulimaAss. Camera  
Sheila AkankwatsaIT
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